Photography has always been my absolute passion since I was a kid.  I would take photo classes so I could develop my own photos in the school dark room!  I'm also a bit of a geek at heart and have received both my AA and BS in Information Technology with an emphasis in Web Design because I just LOVE tech!  I love the design and creating, but also the technology behind it!  It just so happens that Website design involves A LOT of Photos and Videos, so that is how I moved into a career with my Photography and Cinematography.  Also, around that same time, YouTube became a success and companies started realizing, "We need video!".   I started educating myself and working with professionals in the industry to learn the ropes around film and cinematography.  I fell in love!  I did video on the corporate side of things for about 6 years before my friends asked me to film their wedding.  Once I filmed my first wedding, I was hooked!  This is it, addressing my romantic heart and sappy side (yes I cry at sad or happy movies) and my passion for photography and video.  Several people told me I smile while taking photos and video (without knowing I am), well yes that's because I'm seriously passionate and happy doing it.  I love capturing moments in time that can be cherished for many years.  I take my job very seriously and treat every customer with care because I feel incredibly blessed to be doing what I'm doing!


After receiving training from professionals in the film industry and years of experience I also now teach Digital Design and Production at a local community college.  It feels like I'm giving back to the community and it's just incredible watching people grow and progress their talents. 


Whether it's children to families, pets, weddings, events, landscapes, or even architecture, I enjoy making them live on for a lifetime in photos or video.


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Photo credit to Laura Hunt Little Images and Dan Shalaby.

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